What are Clients Saying about Lynda...

"Lynda is the best! Thanks to her experience and skill, my nails have never looked better.  She is knowledgeable, takes her time to make the manicure or pedicure perfect, and always makes me feel welcomed and comfortable.  Lynda is definitely my "go to" gal!" Bettie H. - Yelp Nails by Lynda
"Fun time with a fun lady!! Best manicurist in town!!! Patty H. - Square Reviews
"I've had mixed experiences with pedicures in the past, nails cut too short, water scalding hot, filing so aggressive they drew blood. Lynda has never hurt me, ever. Whether mani or pedi I will never go anywhere else until she retires." Marla K. - Square Reviews
"Had an awesome experience and Lynda was so sweet, communicative and engaging! I haven't had my nails done by anyone in about 12 years and she was wonderful!" Jeanna W. - Square Reviews
"I purchased a Groupon for silk wrap nails by Lynda about a year ago. I didn't continue with the silk wrap because gel is my calling, but I have never had a nail tech so kind, consistent, and really take her time with your nails. She always offers you water, has great conversation, and makes you feel like she's your close friend. She's really a gem at what she does and makes her service so valuable. Her prices reflect her value of a well paid $30 gel manicure. I will always choose Lynda for my mani!" Val W. - Yelp Asberry's A'Salon
"Lynda is FABULOUS...would recommend her to everyone!!" Penny H. - Groupon Reviews
"I had an appointment with Lynda today and she gave me probably the best gel manicure I've ever had. Not only is she a sweetheart, she spent time making my nails look GREAT! She really went above and beyond, and showed a genuine interest in helping me maintain my nail health. She had a wonderful selection of gel colors too. (No, she didn't ask me to write this review, or even mention it.) I just think someone who provides a fabulous service and clearly stands out from the competition should be applauded. Thank you, Lynda!!" Monica R. -Yelp Asberry's A'Salon
"Lynda examined my nails and asked questions about my history of manicures and artificial nails. I am not a fan of artificial nails and had misread online that silk nails would enhance [improve the quality of] my nails making them stronger. Lynda corrected me, we found the gel to be a better option for me. She taught me how to safely take the gel off without damaging my nails. I booked another appointment." Melissa W. - Groupon Reviews
"Lynda is your gal if your nails are in need of a great manicure. I have been going to her for about a year now. I'm so happy I found her on Groupon. She does it all, silk wrap, solar/gel acrylic, shellac, natural! I have been doing Shellac for the past couple of months and am very pleased! She takes her time with you and is a bit of a perfectionist! Must go see!" Jen R. - Yelp Asberry's A'Salon
"She does a perfect job!" Rebecca D. - Groupon Reviews
"I enjoyed the whole experience, great looking nails. Thank you Lynda." Patricia F. - Groupon Reviews
"Lynda is wonderful! I saw a Groupon for silk wrap nails and had some questions about the process, so I called her. She took the time to explain the process over the phone and not once did she act like I was wasting her time. I bought the Groupon and went in. I was not accustomed to getting my nails done, but I'm hooked! She does and excellent job." Lori K. - Yelp Nails by Lynda
"It was a very nice experience. Relaxing and thorough with extra perks. A peaceful calm place was just what I needed." Roberta M. - Groupon Reviews
"I hate to review because she is awesome and I know it will be more of a challenge to get in to see her, but she is fantastic! She runs a super clean space, and takes her time through the process. I highly recommend her!" Kelly B. - Yelp Nails by Lynda
"One word "professional"!" Laura R. - Groupon Reviews
"Definitely one of the best Groupon experiences...Lynda is professional and very good at her trade!" Laura Sue J. - Groupon Reviews
"Lynda did a great job on my nails! It was my first time to get the silk wrap nail enhancement. She actually took the time to explain the process to me, as well as, let me know what to expect as far as follow up needs in the event that I decide that I want to keep them. I love my nails and definitely plan to go back to Lynda!" Sharla T. - Groupon Reviews
"I found Lynda through a Groupon a few months ago and recently went back to her for a pedicure. She is amazing! She is very meticulous and thorough. She's friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I have had some issues with my feet as a result of running and have been hesitant to get a pedicure but there is no judgement with Lynda. She seems to really care about her clients. Lynda is absolutely the best!" Laura M. - Yelp Nails by Lynda
"I purchased a Groupon for the silk wrap nail treatment with Lynda. I figured I'd be in and out in thirty or so minutes, like any other mani service. Oh no. This girl spent two hours with me - cleaning my real nails up, applying tips, applying the silk, then topping it off with a French manicure polish (which she wouldn't even let me pay the $5.00 extra for, even though I insisted.) Never did she seem rushed or put-out, like many other nail techs might have been. Lynda was extremely sweet and obviously cares about her clients.This is not a business that just wants the Groupon check, she wants to make sure her clients are satisfied. I don't know if I will continue with the silk wrap treatment, but I will definitly be back for for any other nail services. Awesome!" Catrina C. - Yelp Asberry's A'Salon
"Lynda was very personable, and professional. My daughter and I have followup appointments.I had the silk wraps, and am very pleased with the results." Jerry C. - Groupon Reviews
"Extremely pleased with my mani/pedi. Lynda is the best. Salon is very beautiful and clean. I have respiratory problems and there were no chemical smells in the salon. I will be a regular customer. GO!! you will love it." Georgene C. - Groupon Reviews
"I recently had a Groupon to do a silk wrap manicure with Lynda and she did a wonderful job. My nails look lovely and she doesn't use electric nail files, so my real nails underneath succumb to less damage as a result." Stephanie D. - Yelp Nails by Lynda
"My daughter and I went. It's a beautiful salon. Very quiet and relaxing. We enjoyed our experience. She was kind and I would recommend going to visit her. Thanks Lynda." Maria M. - Groupon Reviews
"Pretty awesome place and service was fantastic. My mani/pedi looks fabulous!" Michelle S. - Groupon Reviews
"Lynda was so accommodating and amazing. My nails look great and I will go back next time I am in town. Salon was very clean and nice. My mom, whom I gifted a Groupon to, even made a hair appointment to go along with her next mani/pedi." Kelly W. - Groupon Reviews
"I bought a coupon to get a silk nail wrap by Lynda and she was AWESOME!! My nails have been breaking and splitting this winter so I thought I would try a silk wrap by Lynda. She did a great job, my nails look natural and fabulous. I'm so glad I found Lynda I will highly recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you!" Joanna K. - Yelp Asberry's A'Salon
"Recently had a gel manicure here. Lynda is meticulous in her work and the results are much better than I've gotten at other nail salons." Rachel D. – Yelp Nails by Lynda
"Lynda was great! She really cares about her clients and she did a great job! I even had to reschedule, and she was very accommodating. I'll go back for sure! Thanks Lynda!" Tracey C. - Crowd Savings